The Beginning Of What Felt Like The End


Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

           I started to have a horrible allergic reaction. Within 30 minutes of taking a new medication I started to turn bright red and could not stop scratching. After hours of what felt like a lifetime I decided to take a shower in hopes that it would soothe my itchy body. But it somehow only made it worse with the bottoms of my feet itching. I didn't know what to do. I called the 24 hour pharmacist and spoke with her about what could be going on. She told me that if I wanted to and could last until the morning to wait it out but that she really recommended that I see a doctor immediately.

I finally decided that I couldn't take it any longer. I need to go to the emergency room. I am not one to rush to the doctor as soon as I am hurt but I knew something was seriously wrong. At 330am I woke my husband up and told him that I needed him to take me to the ER. I have never in my life asked for someone to take me to the ER. Even after I dislocated my knee playing softball twice on the field I played through and went back to the bar we always hang out at.

After arriving at the ER I told them that I was pretty sure it was a reaction to a new medication. They gave me antibiotics and steroids and sent me home around 7am. I ended up passing out when we got home. After a few days of research, calling my doctors, and figuring out what the hell I was going to do I had made an appointment to see my family doctor.

Reaction to an overgrowth of yeast.

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

       I was on my way to see the allergy specialist I was referred to. When I got there I was having yet another horrible reaction across my neck and chest. The poor girl at the desk felt so sorry for me. When I asked to do an allergy test the doctor advised me that my skin was to sensitive but if I really wanted to that they could do it. As for the results of the test... my skin lit up like a Christmas tree. My skin reacted to the prick of the needle and not what was on the needle, so it was inconclusive as to what it could have been.

Reaction to an overgrowth of yeast.
Reaction to an overgrowth of yeast.

While I spoke with the doctor she told me that even after I stopped taking the medications and was still having the reaction that it probably wasn't my new medication. She asked if there was anything else it could have been

I knew I hadn't changed anything in our house to have a reaction but the more I thought about it I had gotten a new shampoo for my scalp weeks before and apparently my husband used a different washing detergent. So it could have been one of those too. So we bought new detergent and washed ALL of my clothes, sheets and blankets we had. I also stopped using the new shampoo. But nothing worked. I was still having horrible reactions.

After all of the stuff I weeded in and out of my house, my body, and my diet, I couldn't figure out what it was. The day of my first reaction my husband had just found out that he got a promotion and that we would be moving to a new city, Knoxville. So of course another idea they thought it could be was stress and anxiety about moving. I stayed home all of December and January packing and cleaning our 3 story house while he traveled back and forth from Knoxville to Atlanta working.

But I was so happy and excited for the new adventure. There was no way it could be just stress. I've been stressed. I've had panic attacks. This was not induced by stress. I wasn't stressed. I was so happy. I knew this would be a great opportunity for my husband in his career and for us as a couple.

December and January    

       December and January passed and we moved to Knoxville. After several weeks of back and forth moving and getting our house ready to sell I was still having the reactions. We knew that if it was something I was eating that we would be able to figure it out once we moved up to Knoxville and got our kitchen set up so we could do another round of Whole30.

Whole30, It Starts With Food is all you need to get started!

If you don't know what Whole30 is you should really look it up. It is the best diet/ detox you can do for your body. It works wonders for people with diabetes and really cuts out inflammation which was awesome for me with my knee. Bonus points for the fact that you’ll lose weight while doing it too. Whole30 is a very strict "diet", even more strict than Paleo, that helps you figure out how your body is reacting to the foods you intake by cutting everything out for 30 days and then slowly reintroducing them into your system. We knew if it had to do with food this was how we were going to find out.

       But sadly that didn't work. This of all things should have showed something! I mean I was eating meat, vegetables, sauces, and fruits. What in the hell could be going on! Then one evening I was getting ready for bed and since it was the winter I only sprayed my arms with a self tanning mist I got from my old job at a tanning salon. The salon I worked at prided ourselves on the spray tanning formula we used because it was a brown sugar base instead of a carrot base. See a carrot base bronzer pulls the orange pigments while a brown sugar base bronzer pulls out your copper pigments. Basically so you don't look like Ross from Friends.


I had been going over that first day in my head over and over and over trying to figure out what was different about that day to make this whole thing start. I worked at the salon. I went to Taco Tuesday with my family. I stopped at Chik-Fil-A for a large ice dream cone. (Only $1.69, you’re welcome.) Got home to take my meds and then it started. What could have gone wrong! And then it hit me. Sitting on my bed, minutes after applying the bronzing mist to my arms they lite up fiery red and started itching. But it was only my arms. Only where I sprayed the bronzing mist. The light bulb went off in my head. Sugar. It was sugar.

What The Yeast?

I had stopped tanning in the beds for while and only got spray tans. After basically eating a Whole30 lifestyle and going to every Taco Tuesday and almost every time leaving and getting ice cream after it hit me. With the move coming we stopped cooking healthy meals and started eating take out. We started making quick things to eat like frozen pizzas or blue box mac-n-cheese.


After I thought about it being sugar I spent days doing research. What I never knew is that sugar is a feeder to yeast. Researching a yeast allergy made everything all make sense. I had an overgrowth of yeast. ALL of the symptoms I was having were related to yeast. Everything I was eating was high in yeast and sugar. Everything I was experiencing negatively with my body can be linked back to yeast.

So I sent all the information I was reading to my husband. He agreed that this was a huge possibility. After all this time have we finally figured it out?

Since I live in Knoxville now and only plan on being here for a couple of years I didn't want to change my doctors since they all knew what was going on. I emailed my doctor and she agreed. Yeast sounded exactly like what it was. She knew if she tried another allergy test that I would have the same reaction as the first test. She also knew I had a plan to get rid of it and we didn't need to talk about an action plan. She trusted me to handle it and if I needed anything that I knew she was a phone call or email away.

So Here We Are

       That was 2 Months ago. It has been over 5 months since this started. It took 3 months to figure out what it was. And now here I am, talking to you and sharing my experiences and the craziness of what all of this means. Yeast allergies are very common but not talked about as much as they should be. That is why I started this website. I want to help spread the word. I want to help another struggling person who has no idea what is going on or what to do. I want to make things easier for them than it was for me. I will read label after label. I will try new things to help get rid of the overgrowth.

I do not know if this is forever, for a few years, or maybe it'll be gone this year. But I do know that I will share every step with you in hopes to help you with your journey dealing with this shudder inducing, taxing, and derailment of processing a yeast allergy.


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