Packing for a Vacation


          I am excited! I get to go to Orlando with my parents next week. So I want to do a quick post that shows what you can do to make a road trip and a day in a theme park a little easier. I am a planner and I love to keep things organized so I’ll show you a few things I do when I go out of town.


1)  Make a packing checklist!
I love this notepad from Knock Knock.

Screenshot_20180518-115005_Amazon Shopping

2)  Bring snacks
you can have.


3)  Bring drinks you can have in a small cooler so you won't be tempted to get a soda at the gas station.

4)  Bring a camelbak!
Fill it with ice then water. The ice will keep any snacks you want cool as well as your back on those hot days at the park. The ice will melt throughout the day so you’ll always have water waiting in those long lines.


5)  Bring any medications you may need if you have an allergic reaction.


I will definitely need those meds for when I stop for some
Dole Whip in Magic Kingdom and Butterbeer in Universal.

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