Self Care Sunday


Welcome to the first addition of
Self-Care Sunday!

If you are anything like me, you need to have someone tell you to stop and take care of yourself. I plan on posting a little Self-Care Note every Sunday
(#SelfCareSunday or #SCS)
to remind you to take care of yourself. You need to make sure you aren’t letting life run you over, but Instead, you’re running with life. 


I grew up watching women like my mother and my grandmother put others before themselves. I thought this is how everyone acted, but sadly I have learned that not everyone's the same and you can find some pretty selfish people out in the world. Again, if you are anything like me you need someone to tell you, (Time Out: if you don’t remember much from my website please, please, remember this.)

You. Are. Not. A. Selfish. Person. For. Taking. Time. To. Take. Care. Of. Yourself!

If you need a moment to yourself, if you need a 30 min hot bath, if you need to look at a loved one and say no, not right now, THAT IS OKAY.
            Self-care is such a broad range of things. Reading, washing your face, washing your hair, even taking time to wash your body or brushing your teeth can be hard for people (especially for people dealing with depression). Setting aside time to make sure that happens is important. Just tell yourself, “Yeah, it's been a shitty week but it's Sunday, and it's me time. It’s now that time of the week that I stop and take care of me before the new week starts.” I am not a very religious person, but didn’t God rest on Sunday? You should to!

Obviously, if your week doesn’t start on a Monday, I spent my fair share of time in retail and serving to know it happens, just pick a day in the week that works best for you. It doesn't even have to be the whole day. It can be a few hours. But, the importance of taking time out of your day to think about what you need, or even stopping to think of what your body needs, can help you more in the long run than trying to push through.
Kindergartens use to take naps, I’m not sure if they still do, and it helped them get through the rest of there day. It’s because they stopped what they were doing and took a little time for themselves to recharge.

I am a pale girl born in HotLanta (Atlanta,Ga) and I can tell you walking outside when I was young was awful, because on multiple occasions the sun reflected off my legs and hurt my eyes. So, I love when I am tan. I will admit that it makes me feel better. I am sure I have a bunch of people reading this thinking that tanning is a killer, but if you study everything about it and do your research, small amounts of tanning can be very beneficial. Plus, I use self tanner or get spray tans to build my base before I get in the sun to get my really one. I don’t show many pictures of me from back in the day when I was pale, so there you go.

        I realized most of this post seems very superficial, but that most certainly is not the only way you can provide yourself with self care. You can read a book or audiobook if you’re always busy like me, do yoga, work out, take a walk or run, walk your animals, find a fun game to play on your phone, take a drive, treat yourself to some ice cream, meet up with someone who sends positive vibes and motivates you, clean your space, meal prep, go see a movie, or watch funny videos on YouTube.


Honestly, self care isn’t as hard as it sounds. All self care is, is finding something that makes you happy, and helps you be a better person.That’s it! Do something that makes you happy!

Nerd Break: Be like someone trying to conjure their Patronus in Harry Potter. Or like Peter Pan and Tinkerbell wanting to fly. Think of a wonderful thought, any happy little thought, AND GO DO IT!

Ask yourself. What do I need right now? What does my body need right now? Then just go do it. You are the only one stopping you form your own happiness. It just takes the courage to take the time and make the effort.

Here are some awesome ideas to motivate you on your Self-Care Sunday!

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