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There are a few things to take into consideration after you have consulted with your doctor about a yeast overgrowth. Either you can have just a simple yeast build up, a yeast incontinence, or a full blown yeast allergy.

You may not consider this a big deal but these are going to be very different steps on how you will approach the situation.



If you have a yeast build up this means you are able control the yeast that is over growing in your gut. You will need to consult with your doctor on any medications that can give you if you are having any symptoms like hives, fatigue, or itchiness.
You will also need to take this step to help kill off the yeast over growth.

    Take a probiotic at least 10 Billion or more. 10 Billion means at least 10 billion active cells helping cleanse your gut.

    Note: Diflucan and Nystatin are only available through your doctor, so if you are self-treating, another great supplement to fight overgrowth is undecylenic acid. This is a naturally occurring fatty acid that is thought to be even more effective than caprylic acidin fighting yeast and helping to maintain a healthy microbiome.


    I know is sounds awful but if its just a build up you can look forward to the fact that one fine day you can have that cameral macchiato and lemon cake from Starbucks. Sugar is a HUGE feeder when it comes to yeast. You will be surprised how many products contain sugar to just be careful to other things you consume. Just cutting out sweets and other artificial sweeteners wont keep it from growing if you are still using condiments like ketchup, bbq sauce, ranch, or peanut butter. Just be smart and check your labels.

    Oh, unfortunately that does include honey, stevia, erythritol, xylitol, agave, aspartame, cane sugar, corn syrup, maple syrup, molasses (all syrups).


    That’s right, I said it. You knew this before I even typed it. Carbohydrates contain yeast and if you are trying to fight with something to get it out of your system you aren’t going to want to keep putting it back in at the same time. This will slow the cleansing process down. You will get even more frustrated then you already are and you will most likely build up more yeast then you are killing off.
  • ALOCHOL!!!
    DON’T. DO. IT.


    Coconut oil is a good for your whole body! But for this case coconut oil is know as the first effective dietary approach to fighting yeast.

    It may give you bad breath and fight off the vampires, but it is one of the best options for fighting yeast.

  • Other things you can add to your diet are olive oil, cinnamon, lemon, ginger, wild salmon, apple cider vinegar (vinegar itself makes sugar and sugar feeds yeast so that’s usually a big no, but acv is okay!)


This is where the hard part comes in. The hardest, most frustrating, and emotional problem you will ever face with your yeast allergy is what you can no longer eat.

With a yeast allergy you don't have that section in the grocery store you can go to where all of the things you can eat are. See the problem with a yeast allergy, aside form your body having an overgrowth is processing the whole thing about what you can not have anymore because yeast is in EVERYTHING!
No more ice cream. No more cakes. No more ketchup. No more soy sauce. No more grapes. No more alcohol. NONE! No more sweets or sweeteners. NONE! and :teary eyed: no. more. coffee.

While cutting out all of the "bad stuff" aka yeast and its feeders. you will help your body heal.

To see all of the foods you can have, foods to avoid, and some foods that okay in moderation go to YF Food Basics.

YF Food Basics.